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Welcome to Geek Simplified… Let me introduce myself. My name is Shawn and I work as an Assistive Technology Specialist by day and tech and geek blogger by night. I have been a technology geek ever since I learned how to program the family VHS-Beta Recorder (VCR) back in the early ’80s.

Image of the Compaq PC

In the early ’80s my father bought me a Compaq Portable PC and I would spend most of my junior high life programming BASIC commands to do amazing things. I remember spending hours debugging code so that my program would run correctly. By the end of my 10th year in high school I had already taken every computer course the school district offered.

Now that the Apple iPhone I hold in my hand has probably a million times the computing power of that early ’80s treasure I still consider myself a futurist who dreams of life like The Jetsons.

I am also a professional YouTube Watcher, a title earned after spending hundreds of hours in viewing history watching everything my mind can think of and type in that search box.